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5 Ideas On How To Customise Your Wardrobe


Wardrobes are often ignored when renovating or constructing your home. Even when significant space is allotted for it, like in a walk-in wardrobe, the level of customisation is often very minimal, which is a shame because the task of presenting and storage of your clothes leaves a lot of room for personalisation. Even with a smaller space, there are still things you can do to put your own personal flavour in the layout of your wardrobe, which can really make your house feel more like a home. Here are some ideas for you to choose from to create a custom wardrobe.

1. Replace Drawers With Open-Plan Storage

Drawers are great for storage; however, if you are looking for a more minimalist design, you could try doing away with them and replacing them with open-plan storage options. After all, drawers are just flat surfaces that are covered up from view. Having a few long, horizontal panels of wood nailed to the back of your wardrobe wall in place of a set of drawers can display all your expensive clothes better and help you choose an outfit quicker.

2. Utilise Space On The Sides Of Your Wardrobe

It is quite common to have a small space on either side of your wardrobe when your chest of drawers (or open-plan storage) is situated right in the middle. This is space that can be easily exploited and personalised. Hang up a tie rack, a mount for your sunglasses or a wall-hanging shoe storage area. 

3. Add Lighting

It can be hard to see everything clearly in your closet, and light is often blocked because of how closets are sunken into the walls of your room. Adding lighting to your wardrobe can liven up the space and allow you to pick out your clothes easier. In the case of walk-in wardrobes, having general lighting is essential, but you can consider display lighting above certain areas like your watches or shoes.

4. Colour Coding

When you store your clothes, you could try organising them according to their colours. Again, this simplifies the selection process for you later on and can add a unique flavour to your wardrobe. This works best when you have open-plan storage or your clothes hanging up.

5. Give Your Wardrobe A Theme

Many people just choose whatever is the cheapest and biggest bit of storage they can find when it comes to their wardrobe. With a little time and effort, though, you can find similar ways to give your entire wardrobe a material-based theme, whether that be metallic, wood, fabric, stone or anything else you find appealing. Find a texture or aesthetic that you enjoy, and look for items close in design to put together.

For anything that involves construction, it is always wise to consult an expert in construction to get a professional opinion. More and more people are looking to customise their wardrobe areas, so getting a quote on a specific idea should not be too hard.


7 June 2018