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As soon as I found out I was having a little girl, I started decorating the nursery. I love really pretty, glittery and sparkly furniture that looks just perfect for a little angel. If you are also crazy about cute girls furniture and nursery setups, then keep reading. I scour magazines, blogs and pin boards for the best inspiration for angelic girls furniture and keep in all on my blog. Even though my little girl has the perfect room now, I still can't stop looking and admiring, so hopefully this site can inspire other people to decorate their little girl's rooms.

Are Your Chairs Looking Worse For Wear? Three Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Chairs Covers


Chair covers are an essential component of your chairs throughout your home, as they keep the internal cushioning of the chair safe and also add an extra layer of comfort for the user. Unfortunately, as the part of the chair that comes into the most contact with the user, most chair covers are the first component of your furniture to show signs of wear and tear. Don't throw it out. There are still ways you can keep using your chair, and the valuable internal parts are likely still in great condition. Here are a few signs that indicate when it is time to think about replacement chair covers.

Visible Separation From The Chair

Most chair covers are secured to the chair they sit on top of through special tacks or metal pins that keep them in place. On some models, you can even see these connective pieces by looking underneath them, or along the side. These can start to come loose in certain areas simply by normal use of the chair. Some of the pins may come out or get worn away, and you will see the separation or sagging of the chair cover in these areas. That looseness will only get worse and quickly, too. Replacement chair covers are the only solution that is long-term and looks good for these problems.

Worn Threads

Sometimes chairs make it their whole working life without breaking or getting too damaged, and the first visible signs of wear are the actual threading fading and falling apart over time. This indicates both that the chair was made well and that it is very comfortable, both of which should entice you to keep it. These covers are slightly harder to replace because they aren't exactly coming loose so they need to be fully removed by a professional before the replacement chair covers can be put into position.


While stains are not nice to look at, you might be surprised that they can indicate a problem moving forward for the overall structural stability of your chair. This is because stains can mean that moisture and bacteria have gotten inside the actual chair and that can create the conditions for mould. That is why any major stain should be looked at by a professional to see if they think that you should take a look inside, just to be safe. No one wants to sit on the ugly stained chair anyway, so adding a replacement cover can kill two birds with one stone.

Contact a local furniture store to learn more about replacement chair covers.


23 February 2021