Angelic girls rooms

As soon as I found out I was having a little girl, I started decorating the nursery. I love really pretty, glittery and sparkly furniture that looks just perfect for a little angel. If you are also crazy about cute girls furniture and nursery setups, then keep reading. I scour magazines, blogs and pin boards for the best inspiration for angelic girls furniture and keep in all on my blog. Even though my little girl has the perfect room now, I still can't stop looking and admiring, so hopefully this site can inspire other people to decorate their little girl's rooms.

How to Choose the Right Flooring System for Your Home


When it comes to selecting a home's flooring, there are many varieties from which to choose, and this can make the decision a bit difficult for any homeowner. There may also be some details about a floor's installation and maintenance that you're overlooking, and which can affect the floor's longevity and your long-term budget. Note a few tips and some important details about flooring systems so you can determine the best one for your home.


Note the subfloor or the surface on which you'll be installing the flooring; if the home has a concrete subfloor, you may need to invest in lots of thick padding to make carpeting feel soft and comfortable underfoot, and this can be expensive. Instead, consider timber or vinyl flooring or a stone floor.

Sound insulation

If you need sound insulation, such as for a second storey or for a home that doesn't have thick insulation between rooms, thick carpeting will absorb sound and footsteps and make a space quieter. However, if carpeting is not the best option for any reason, choose a softwood timber floor, such as oak. The softer wood will absorb more sound waves and footsteps; you can add area rugs for even more sound absorption. Avoid dense hardwoods and stone floors, which can actually cause echoes in a space and make a room seem even louder!


If you have children or pets or need flooring for a room where there will be the risk of food stains, note that many varieties of stone can actually absorb food and other debris and stain more easily than other flooring options. Carpeting made of natural fibres such as wool or silk can hold stains, but carpeting made of nylon or polyester is naturally stain resistant. Wood floors that are properly sealed, especially dense hardwoods like teak and bamboo, can also repel stains.


Never assume that you can install carpeting or timber floors on your own; carpeting is heavy and difficult to cut and stretch, even with the right tools and equipment, and it may require glue along its underside. Timber slats that require glue or nails are also difficult to install properly, and need to be cut around various obstacles and corners. Tile flooring is much easier for a homeowner to install on their own, especially softer tiles such as ceramic and clay, which can be cut with a tile cutter and then adhered to the floor with standard grout or other adhesives.


11 October 2017