Angelic girls rooms

As soon as I found out I was having a little girl, I started decorating the nursery. I love really pretty, glittery and sparkly furniture that looks just perfect for a little angel. If you are also crazy about cute girls furniture and nursery setups, then keep reading. I scour magazines, blogs and pin boards for the best inspiration for angelic girls furniture and keep in all on my blog. Even though my little girl has the perfect room now, I still can't stop looking and admiring, so hopefully this site can inspire other people to decorate their little girl's rooms.

How to Choose the Best Furniture for a Small Bedroom


When you have a small bedroom, you need to be very careful about every detail of the furniture you choose. You may prefer the look of a very grand, oversized bed or large, antique dressers, but of course these just won't do in a small space. Even furniture that may seem appropriate for a small bedroom may make the space seem crowded, so note a few tips for choosing the right furniture pieces for your space.

Avoid posts

Avoid a bed frame with posts on the head or foot of the bed. Posts may not seem like they take up much space, but they will push the bed away from the wall or get in the way of foot traffic very easily. You'll also want to forego a footboard for the bed; opt for a large bedspread that drapes over the foot of the bed instead.

Look for a metal headboard

If you do want a headboard for the bed, opt for a thin metal versus a thick wood or overstuffed fabric design. Usually a wood panel or fabric headboard will be much thicker than a thin metal plate or wrought iron bars.

Elevate the bed

A storage or platform bed with drawers underneath is always a good choice for a small space, but these can be pricey. Instead, opt for a bed that is taller and more elevated than usual, and you can then easily slide baskets or bins under the bed for added storage. The elevated bed can also give you the grander, larger look you may prefer, but without actually taking up a larger footprint in the room.

Get a taller, more shallow dresser

Opting for a dresser that is very shallow will save some space in the bedroom, and you can compensate by opting for a taller dresser. You can even look for a lingerie dresser, which is very thin and tall and meant for the smaller pieces of lingerie, but which can work for items like jeans and t-shirts as well. Store larger items like sweaters in your closet so you don't need that big dresser in the bedroom.

Get a folding desk

A folding table and chair can be a great choice for a small bedroom; look in the office furniture section of your furniture store if you can't find it in the bedroom section. This will allow you to fold up the dresser after homework is done or bills are paid, and get it out of the way of other bedroom furniture pieces.


30 March 2017