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Five Essential Accessories to Go With the Teak Furniture in Your Outdoor Living Area


Teak is beautiful, durable and weather-resistant, making it the perfect choice for your outdoor living space. However, your outdoor living area probably needs more than just teak furniture. Consider accessorising your teak with these five elements.

1. Complementary Cushions and Fabrics

In order to make your outdoor teak furniture more comfortable, add padded cushions to it. Feel free to get playful with your cushions. While your teak furniture is likely to last for decades, your cushions typically need to be replaced every five years or so, and for that reason, it's okay to be trendy or cutting edge.

When choosing colours, pick complementary colours. Colours located on the opposite side of the colour wheel as the base colours in your teak are the best for bringing out the natural beauty of your wood. For example, if you have teak furniture with brown undertones, choose blue or green fabrics to complement your furniture. On the other hand, if your teak has yellow undertones, choose fabrics in shades of blueish-purple.  

Keep these colour rules in mind as you choose other fabrics, such as your sunshade, for your outdoor area.

2. Sunshades

In addition to giving your outdoor area another splash of colour, sunshades also make the area more inviting, and they offer a layer of protection to your teak furniture.

Teak has been used in countless applications, including ship making, due to its weather-resistant nature, but it is still affected by the sun.

If exposed to direct sunlight, your teak can weather. In most cases, the weathering puts a shiny silver patina on the teak. Although this patina looks stylish in its own right, if you want to avoid it, you need a sunshade, outdoor curtains, a pergola or some other shade-providing structure.

3. Accent Pieces That Contrast or Blend In

If you decide to decorate your outdoor living area with teak furniture, you don't exclusively have to have teak furniture in that area. As teak can be expensive, many homeowners opt for teak for their main pieces, but then, they choose other less expensive woods for accent pieces.

When choosing pieces to complement your teak furniture, you have to decide if you want to contrast with the teak or try to match it.

Ultimately, whether you want to contrast or blend is a personal decision. If you want pieces that contrast your teak furniture, look for wood pieces with dark ebony stains or consider painted wood pieces.

If you decide you want pieces that blend with your teak furniture, mahogany works well for teak with brown undertones; but if your teak has lots of yellow, you may want to opt for woods that also look yellow, such as bamboo or pine.

4. Red-Gold Paving Stones

Once you have all of your teak furniture, your fabrics and your accent pieces chosen, you still need to think about your flooring. When choosing a colour for your patio stones, you want to highlight the natural colours and tones in your teak furniture rather than contrasting with them.

Contrasting works well for small elements such as your fabrics and accent furniture, but for something as large as your floor, you want the colours to support each other.

Whether your teak furniture has a silvery patina or brown or yellow undertones, paving stones featuring red or gold undertones match perfectly.

5. Special Cleaners and Oils

People love teak for its durability, but it still requires some care. Many owners like to oil their teak furniture to help it stay moist and strong, and if you decide to use oils, remember they are not all the same quality. Ideally, you should speak with the manufacturer of your furniture to see what type of oil they recommend.  

As your teak may be subjected to food or wine spills and stains, you may also want to invest in a teak cleaner. These two-part cleaners contain a caustic soda base and an acid.

Together, these two elements can remove stains, varnish and sealer, returning your teak to a completely natural state. Whether you are refinishing old teak or cleaning up your existing teak, these two-part cleaners can be essential.  




4 June 2015