How to Choose the Right Flooring System for Your Home


When it comes to selecting a home's flooring, there are many varieties from which to choose, and this can make the decision a bit difficult for any homeowner. There may also be some details about a floor's installation and maintenance that you're overlooking, and which can affect the floor's longevity and your long-term budget. Note a few tips and some important details about flooring systems so you can determine the best one for your home.

11 October 2017

Two Ways To Use Pool Noodles To Protect Your Belongings While Moving House


When it is time to pack up your house ready for moving interstate, it is important you wisely pack so you can get everything you want to take in one transport truck. You already know to use bedding as packing material for your fragile items, but did you know that pool noodles also make a brilliant packing material? Before you throw away the old pool noodles sitting near your pool, consider upcycling them and using them these two ways instead.

19 July 2017

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Maintaining Your Own Outdoor Furniture


Cane, wicker, seagrass, and other such natural materials are great choices for outdoor furniture, as they have a soft feeling that is very comfortable while being very durable. These pieces also go with any type of decor, so you can create a rustic and coastal look or a modern and updated space on your patio. Note a few mistakes that many homeowners make when maintaining these types of furniture materials, so you know to avoid them when fixing broken pieces or when you want to update their look.

18 May 2017

How to Choose the Best Furniture for a Small Bedroom


When you have a small bedroom, you need to be very careful about every detail of the furniture you choose. You may prefer the look of a very grand, oversized bed or large, antique dressers, but of course these just won't do in a small space. Even furniture that may seem appropriate for a small bedroom may make the space seem crowded, so note a few tips for choosing the right furniture pieces for your space.

30 March 2017

Where to Have Custom Cabinets Installed in Your Home


Custom cabinets are not a luxury reserved for the very wealthy; a custom cabinet maker can easily create cabinets and cupboards that work specifically for any area of the home and do so within your budget, no matter how limited. If you've never thought about having custom cabinets made, note that these work well for the kitchen but can also be a great choice in many other areas of the home.

28 March 2017

Five Essential Accessories to Go With the Teak Furniture in Your Outdoor Living Area


Teak is beautiful, durable and weather-resistant, making it the perfect choice for your outdoor living space. However, your outdoor living area probably needs more than just teak furniture. Consider accessorising your teak with these five elements. 1. Complementary Cushions and Fabrics In order to make your outdoor teak furniture more comfortable, add padded cushions to it. Feel free to get playful with your cushions. While your teak furniture is likely to last for decades, your cushions typically need to be replaced every five years or so, and for that reason, it's okay to be trendy or cutting edge.

4 June 2015